Hi, I am Mladen Borisov |Mladenski

and I am not an introvert photographer! I enjoy to talk with you, to get to know you and to capture your essence. I love to express your personality through my vision. To show your feelings and emotions. Identifying as pretty emotional myself, I do believe this helps me a lot to photograph valuable moments.

For me photography is not a job. It is not a hobby either.

It is my way to feel alive - to create and to make other people happy.

Sounds cliche I know, but this is what makes me happy too...

advices for you

Let me give you some advices how to organise your wedding better in Bulgaria. Also have your first impression of me and my perspective of a wedding day.


describe your style

"I have always described my shooting style as unobtrusive yet balanced. I want to capture your day as it truly was, but if I can enhance the quality and sentiment of my shots by elegantly intervening, whether through adjusting details, gently and casually directing during the photoshoot, or even assisting with the behind-the-scenes organization that constantly occurs on a wedding day - YES, it can be said that I don't remain entirely in the shadows, but I certainly am not one of those who are overly conspicuous."

Will there be a second shooter?

"In two of my packages the second shooter is always included. He is not only a professional photographer who will take even more photographs from the day but he is also assisting with the lighting equipment and the backstage organisation of the process.

What the editing of the photos include and how much time it needs

"The processing of the shots can be divided into three main parts - selection, processing, and assembling into the final product. The selection of the shots is crucial for the quality of your photos and takes the most time of all. My processing style is 'Earthy', or in other words, earthy tones predominate in a slightly pastel form with a retro feel. Some colors are more present than others, but the main goal is to achieve balance and aesthetics that suit a wedding album. Some of the shots you'll receive in both color and black and white if I see them that way. With the final step of creating an online gallery, printing shots, crafting a box, and uploading to a flash drive, it takes me no more than 4 months, but often I manage in 3-4 weeks depending on the workload of the season."

can we have the raw files

"I have always believed that if I deliver to my clients all the raw shots, besides the ones I have selected - it completely undermines all my efforts in post-processing. However, for those who truly insist on having all the shots from their wedding, they can obtain them for an additional fee and an addendum to their contract."

how to hire you

"First, review everything I've shared online. Then, arrange a meeting with me online or at my studio or another convenient location to get to know me and to "feel" if I'm the right photographer for you. After that, we sign a contract in which I guarantee everything I'll do for you, and you commit to securing me for the specified date through a deposit."

do you shoot videos

"Yes. First and foremost, I'm a photographer, of course, but I also have a fondness for cinematography, which, contrary to common expectations, is something entirely different and requires different knowledge and skills from capturing, through processing, to the final film. What I can offer is a short trailer. A snippet of time, unable to be longer, altered, or different. But it will certainly be interesting and comprehensive. If, however, you still want the event to be meticulously reflected, don't hesitate to ask me for a recommendation to my colleagues."