the retro vibe

I love to photograph weddings somewhere new to me. I always feel so motivated, excited and creative when I am on a new place. Plovdiv is one of the oldest if not. the oldest Bulgarian city. When you enter the town you are consistently force to see, experience and admire views, architecture and items which are so full of history. It almost felt like we where back in the but with digital cameras. The most interesting thing was that Val and Ivo where having absolutely the same vibe. They were old souls and it was easy to see. They are living abroad but in the middle of the old town they were just thriving and feeling so good. And this was very contagious.

The ceremony

In Varna, where I am based as a wedding photographer, all the places where a wedding ceremony can be made are very epic and most of them specially made for the purpose. So you can imagine how surprised I was when while we where walking thru super busy old road in the middle of the city I heard "Ok, here on the right is going to be the ceremony". I looked to my right and indeed in just next to the road in a small but beautiful spot a decoration was placed and a few people where waiting for the newly weds to come and make their wedding vows.

capturing timeless love

Imagine your wedding photoshoot set in a quaint old town, rich with history, and a charming retro house filled with nostalgia. This setting blends timeless romance with vintage charm, creating a perfect backdrop for your special day.

The Enchanting Old Town

Cobblestone streets, ivy-clad facades, and a centuries-old clock tower create an enchanting atmosphere. The bride’s flowing gown and the groom’s classic suit blend seamlessly with the historic surroundings, capturing moments that transcend time.

The Retro House Charm

The retro house, with its pastel exterior and vintage decor, offers a cozy, nostalgic setting. Inside, the couple poses with a rotary phone, dances in the parlor, and laughs at the retro kitchen table, creating intimate, timeless images.

Tips for the Perfect Shoot

  1. Research Locations: Choose an old town and retro house that fit your vision.
  2. Vintage Attire: Incorporate vintage elements into your outfits.
  3. Natural Light: Use natural lighting to enhance the nostalgic feel.
  4. Vintage Props: Add depth with props like old suitcases or classic cars.

the picture-perfect wedding party at a historic house

A wedding party at a historic house offers picturesque settings for unforgettable photography. I felt so inspired to make art in this place and also to photograph some memories. And the vibe of a small wedding is so romantic and private. The fact we where placed to sit on the table with the parents of the newly wed couple was just another kind and respectful thing, one of many, that really showed to me how much Ivo and Val was caring about us and our comfort. Thank you guys for this and your amazing attitude during the whole day. It was extremely fun and pleasant for us. The terrace on the other side provided stunning backdrops, especially during the golden hour. Lush gardens offer natural serenity. Dance floor shots capture the lively celebration against the backdrop of historical elegance. Utilize natural light, focus on intricate details, and capture candid moments for a comprehensive and captivating wedding album that beautifully blends history with personal love stories. Of course during the late hours when there was no light at all I used my professional photography lighting kit as my specialty and kept the quality work till the end.