"Perfect we want everything!"

Teo said to me right after the few sentences we shared on WhatsApp. As a wedding photographer I believe a have strongly developed intuition about the people and this time I was not deceived. I knew that Teo is romantic and emotional and she does not hide her feelings, actually it is the opposite they are flowing from her and flooding everybody around her. My only thought was - "Oh I want to see the guy..." And on the engagement session we did few days before the wedding on one of the most hidden beaches on the Bulgarian sea side I finally met and saw them both. The Italian manner of Leonardo was just a perfect match for his future bride. The session we did back then is another little and crazy story and I highly recommend you to find it in my blog. Now I want to share with you a few shots from the preparation of them both before and after the moment Teo almost broke her nose in the glass of a door...

the "first look"

This not so typical for the Bulgarian weddings moment is one of my favourite to photograph as it is so private, romantic and intimate. Their "First Look" location was the lovely lake in the Black Sea Rama Golf & Villas Resort which is one of the most epic wedding locations on the north side of the sea shore just next to Varna, Bulgaria. Even though the weather was a little more sunny than my photographic mindset wanted. However the pictures turned out to be amazing as we used the extra lighting kit we always have to use it in bad light conditions.

the Wedding ceremony

as usual may I say was very emotional. This is why I Love my job as a wedding photographer - the excitement and the strnage vibe in the air buzzing so hard thru you is just amazing dopamine rush for me and always making me think of and miss my family. There was one new thing though and it was the Italian tradition to let everybody on the ceremony to touch and bless the wedding rings with their own thoughts. Which was really interesting for me to watch and photograph.

THE venue

My words will be short here.... But I just wanted to share how happy was Teo when she saw the Venue of her dreams!


Oh, my God the party.... To see Bulgarians and Italians to have a wedding party together is like watching a football game between two favourite teams. Very entertaining and full with surplices. For example who would think of a couple game with pasta or that the cake will be a huge pizza?!

My words will be short here.... But I just wanted to share how happy was Teo when she saw the Venue of her dreams!