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My name is Mladen Borisov | Mladenski |
and I am not an introvert photographer! I enjoy to talk with you, to get to know you  and to capture your essence. I love to express your personality through my vision. To show your feelings and emotions. Identifying as pretty emotional myself, I do believe this helps me a lot to photograph valuable moments.
For me photography is not a job. It is not a hobby either.
It is my way to feel alive - to create and to make other people happy.
Sounds cliche I know, but this is what makes me happy too...

A Bit About Me

Hello! I'm Mladenski, a professional portrait and wedding photographer since 2015. With a lifelong passion for the arts, I initially pursued my love for expression through dance and entertainment. These experiences have been invaluable in helping me connect with people, break the ice, and create a comfortable atmosphere during photoshoots or casual conversations.
Capturing the essence of special moments and emotions is my ultimate goal as a photographer. Whether it's a joyful wedding celebration or an intimate portrait session, I strive to transfer the same positive energy I felt during those remarkable occasions to my clients. It's a true blessing to share that magic with others and create lasting memories.
Outside of my work, I am happily married and blessed with a wonderful son. They are my constant source of inspiration and motivation...

I'm excited to embark on this creative journey with you, and I look forward to capturing the unique stories that unfold through my lens. Let's create art together and preserve the magic of your special moments.


Photography and Video


Wedding Story

Let me tell your wedding story!

  • 1 Photographer - 10 hours

  • Before/After wedding session

  • Online Gallery

  • Handmade box and usb drive

  • 30 Printed photos

  • 4 Months delivery time

  • Starting price at 2000 bgn or 2000 euro if it's a destination wedding.​​

Leo and Teo_edited.jpg

Family or a Love Story

No matter if you are just a romantic couple or already you are more than two - precious family photos are always a nice way to capture moments of love and happiness in time. Not only you will have great memories but a well time spend together having fun as well!
Price: 260 bgn


Studio Portraits

You want to have studio portraits. No matter for business, just for fun or you want to express your self. In the studio there is no limit for creativity and imagination! Every delivered photo is high-end retouched as well.

Price: 250 bgn

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